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Welcome to the Cutting-Edge Coaching Techniques and Innovative Approaches to Coaching program application! We are thrilled that you're interested in joining our unique coaching journey. Our program is designed for individuals who believe they have what it takes to make a significant impact on the world.

If you're passionate about coaching and eager to embrace new techniques and approaches, you've come to the right place.

Before you begin, we'd like to assure you that there's no need to provide lengthy responses to the questions in this application. We appreciate authenticity, so please be yourself and answer each question honestly. We don't require a specific background or qualifications, as we believe in the potential of every individual to grow and excel in this program.

Our team will carefully review your application, paying attention to the nuances and unique qualities that make you an ideal candidate.

Now, let's get started with the application form! Remember, be true to yourself, and we look forward to learning more about you and your passion for coaching.

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Question 1 of 13

1. Briefly describe why you want to participate in this coach training.

Question 2 of 13

2. What are your current professions, occupations, or projects?

Question 3 of 13

3. Have you had any previous coaching or mentoring experience? 

Question 4 of 13

4. What motivates you to join the Cutting-Edge Coaching Techniques and Innovative Approaches to Coaching program?

Question 5 of 13

5. In your own words, explain what being "weird" means to you and how it relates to your personal and professional life.

Question 6 of 13

6. What do you consider your life's purpose, and how does it align with your passion for coaching?

Question 7 of 13

7. What are your expectations from this coaching program?

Question 8 of 13

8. Explain the importance of self-management skills for future leaders.

Question 9 of 13

9. How do you think and feel about using AI and ChatGPT in your coaching?

Question 10 of 13

12. What strategies will you employ to acquire your first two clients during the program?

Question 11 of 13

13. How do you feel and think about creating a message that aligns with your authentic lifestyle to attract your ideal clients?

Question 12 of 13

14. Can you commit to the entire duration of the program and actively participate in all experiential training sessions?

Question 13 of 13

15. Please provide any additional information relevant to your application for the Cutting-Edge Coaching Techniques and Innovative Approaches to the Coaching program.

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