For generations, we have built assumptions of what is possible and what is not, as well as we have taken certain life-sustaining conditions for granted. Our perceptions have locked people into beliefs that we have no control over our lives. However, during the ongoing pandemic, old collective conceptions are about to be replaced.

It might be scary to realize that “the normal” as we know it is coming to an end, but the pleasant fact is that “endings” don’t exist. It’s only a time-out that raises awareness for what is available for the continuing future. An ending is an interruption that enables conscious choices about the next step possible.

The current intrusive microbe is — besides its devastating effects — a call-to-action for people who are ready to evolve and eager to contribute to a new “normal.” The world will change because the crowd who feel the calling to move the human race forward, is growing.

I think that Nikola Tesla was on his vision about a new world;

“This new world should be the world in which the strong won’t exploit the weak, the bad won’t exploit the good, where the poor won’t be humiliated by the rich. It will be the world in which the children of intellect, science and skills will serve the community in order to make lives easier and nicer. And not to the individuals for gaining wealth. This new world can’t be the world of the humiliated, the broken but the world of free people and nations equal in dignity and respect for man.”Nikola Tesla



The new normal is closer than it ever has been before, so let’s catch this wave, and let’s move toward a new beautiful future. The “only” thing it takes to succeed is to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their transformation before they try to help others. If you take charge of yourself and utilize your capabilities from this day forward, you will actively contribute to making this planet a beautiful place.

The world might be upside down, but like everything else, it’s temporary. Amid ongoing chaos, there is a window of possibilities for you to find stillness and prepare for the future. When you abruptly are interrupted with unpredictable circumstances, feelings of confusion, emptiness, and fears might enter the surface.

You don’t see your future. It’s like you’re standing in the middle of empty black space without doors or lights that are trying to tell you what direction to take. When this happens, you must direct your empathy to yourself and accept that everything is in constant motion. Nothing will ever be the same as it was. This doesn’t mean that you have to rely on fate and that you should be passive and say, “whatever happens happens.”



This is a period of possibilities that demands your very own unique strategy so you’ll grow strong for the future that’s on its way. Therefore I sincerely wish you begin to ask your big questions which answer will empower you to follow your calling.



What is your piece in the bigger picture? 

What’s the meaning of your life?

What are you supposed to do?

What’s your importance in the world?

What universal impact do you have to offer to the world?



Most people are scared to show up in their own life and never ask those questions. Some people are not ready for the answers, while others don’t have the ambition to find the real reason for living.

What about you? Are you ready to ask your biggest question about life and begin to move towards your magnificence?

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