This synopsis gives you a deeper understanding of why your personal LifeSpider™ reveals the answer to the question, "What is the purpose of your life.

You will get an explains what's in your unique life code that defines who you really are, what you do and where you place yourself in the world. 

Also, you will learn the importance of to embrace, expand and express your ego to be able to manifest your six life purposes into powerful projects.



Experience when Birgitta Granstrom facilitates this group of three people — on a live podcast — and how she's nailing down some critical driving forces.

"Brains get ready for a lift with our UBER Ego Driver and founder of the Life Spider System Birgitta Granstrom. She returns back to edge by overwhelming demand as the facilitator of an online exercise targeted toward greeting, understanding and maximizing with leverage all aspects of ones Ego for 2 brainy ego filled guest Phil Bohlende and;Devray Kirklandand myself. We had a breakthrough a true revelation" — April Mahoney, Blog Host

"Wow!!! I can honestly say this is the most profound self-work I have experienced in the last 30 years!!! I'm sobbing, and my mind is racing. I'm very grateful!!!" — Phil Bohlender's spontaneous words after this LifeSpider Coaching



"Dear Birgitta...I want to share with you about how I came to write my first book.

I was invited to participate in your LifeSpider Coaching Process with you in late July. I was intrigued with how you facilitated me in the initial meetings and was immersed in it after just a few sessions.

I was fascinated by the information that you brought out of me so quickly. As a result of what I discovered about my driving forces, intentions and my life purposes; I woke up one morning with the book coming into my head faster than I could think about it.

I added some notes on my phone as it was coming to me so that I did not lose any of my thoughts. Later that morning, I outlined the entire book on paper. I made the declaration on August 9 that I would write and publish a book in 30 days.

I made that intention trusting the process that would unfold for me and the support that the Universe would provide.

I began to write the book's content and it seemed to flow from me and onto the paper effortlessly. I was able to write half of the book in a matter of a week. At this point, my update on social media was met with a very generous offer. I was gifted with the editing and proofreading for the book by a friend who wanted to support me and my dream to publish my book.

We agreed on the tight timeframe to have it completed for the September 9 launch date. I wrote the other half of the book in less than a week and then turned the manuscript over to my friend. She edited the book in about a week.

My book was becoming a realty in less than 3 weeks!!!

When the edits came to me, I completed them and began to upload the book to the publisher's websites. My deadline for the final manuscript to be uploaded was September 5; this would ensure the book would be launched on September 9.
On August 31, I uploaded the manuscript for the eBook. I announced it was on pre-order for the September 9 launch on my social media platforms. I had until September 5 to correct one last issue with the manuscript that I learned was beyond my skillset. I called the publisher's customer service center on September 1 and the agent resolved it in less than 10 minutes.

My book went live on Amazon in the Kindle eBook version on September 1.

On September 1, I encountered an issue with the manuscript for the paperback version so I called the publisher's customer service center. The agent fixed the issue and told me it would take 3-5 days for the book to go live on Amazon. This was going to be perfect for my September 9 launch date. I received an email 20 minutes later advising me that the book was live on Amazon, this was on September 1.
My intention of having the book published in 30 days was shattered; the book from start to finish took only 24 days-August 9 until September 1.

I know today that I wrote my first book from a place of alignment that was not present before August 9.

My driving force, intention and life purpose all lined up for this book to be written and published in less than 30 days. The editor gifting me with the editing and proofreading processes was the direct result of being clear about my life purpose and declaring it for others to support me with it.

I am grateful for you and your LifeSpider Coaching Process and the clarity it has given to me to be able to publish my first book."

With much gratitude!!! Phil


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