Your Guide That Will Have An Immideatly Impact On How You See Yourself And Humanity.

With the constant progress of spirituality, it is safe to say that people are living in a spiritual renaissance. People explore spirituality not only because they want to find their inner peace but also because they want to find their identity.


The paradox is that people seem obsessed with spirituality while fearing embracing their ego because of the established belief system about Ego Death. It's confusing to find your identity while being told to leave your ego behind.


Download your copy and invite your ego to be a player in the game of the Greater Good.


Some people take pride in being "more enlightened" than others, or they compete to master spirituality by doing it "the right way," including letting go of the ego. That's called spiritual bypassing.


The key is learning how to use our egos as an asset, not a liability. When we learn how to utilize our ego as a blessing we can live in peace, passion, and fulfillment - as well as genuinely accepting others.