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Join the Movement of The Weird Ones — Future Leaders who are Weird Enough to Think They Can Change The World.


Are You Weird Enough? 

We believe in the human potential to attain greatness. We trust in the power of LifeSpider Systemâ„¢ to set you on a path to significance. We are confident in your capabilities to achieve a meaningful life that ignites the spark in others.


Raise Your Game And Generate Impact

We train you to be a whole human being with a balance between body, mind, and soul. As you progress through the academy's programs, you gain the capacity to reach out to others in a way that calls forth the divine essence in everyone you touch.

Become A World-Class Human Being

Our AI-enhanced programs are designed to navigate you become a world-class human being regardless of your current occupation or background. Our courses allow you to harness the power of your subconscious mind and maximize your significant potential. One step at a time

Achieve Epic Results that Last a Lifetime. 

The LifeSpider Academyâ„¢ is only for those ready for a new paradigm and educational programs that are comprehensive, organized, and experiential. We are not about quick fixes or fads; we are about epic results that last for a lifetime.

⚈ Founded in 2008, LifeSpider Academy™ is a global movement to help people from all walks of life transform beyond their imagined potential.

⚈ We offer world-class training with innovative methods and AI-powered techniques you can't get anywhere else.

⚈ As a neoteric company that offers a cutting-edge life philosophy and self-mastery curriculum, we are here to transform you into the next step in human evolution.

 AI-Powered Coaching and Leadership Programs that Create a New Paradigm of Leadership.

Gain leadership power coaching techniques and integrate ChatGPT as a personal coach.


Become a coach that leverages artificial intelligence tools in your coaching practice.


Enable your LifeSpider™ to identify six life purposes and manifest your life projects. 



As you go through LifeSpiderâ„¢ Academy's programs, you gain the capacity to reach out to others in a way that calls forth the divine essence in everyone you touch.

Content Strategist

"Lifespider System is mind-blowing. It cuts through all layers of false self-images, and brings out the missions of the soul, and makes you proud of being you.


One of my intentions  is "To save Life." So, thanks to my LifeSpider started Loof Foundation philanthropy with projects in Nepal, South Africa, and Kenya. 

Podcast Radio Personality

LifeSpider is one of my blueprints for life. It's a roadmap, a way to navigate and figure out when you're in an awkward space. This has been life-changing for me. 

LifeSpider Systemâ„¢

What Is LifeSpider Systemâ„¢


⚈ LifeSpider System™ is a cutting-edge system designed to organize, manage, and navigate your life in 6 future-oriented directions.

⚈ LifeSpider™ System is an unprecedented methodology for understanding your unique potential, strengths, and the driving forces behind your greatest passions and purposes.

⚈ Once you activate your LifeSpider™, you'll have insights into how to convert your deepest desires into achievable Life Projects.

Parent of toddlers

A year ago I was as afraid of living as I was afraid of dying. Today I have the direction that reminds me of who I truly am and my list is long of things I want to do.

Engineer Designer

I was questioning what I was doing with my life and now I experience things that I never thought I would. I realize that I'm capable of doing almost anything.

Business Coach, Speaker

The spider has outlined my full potential and has helped me express my essence in a clear and direct way. I use the spider to build future projects and success. 

Are You Stuck with a Duck?

How to escape the duck trap and live your true potential.

Don't be fooled by thinking this is yet another book. 

From Duckling to Swan: the Ultimate Guide to Finding your Freedom.

  • Read as a professional and study the detailed analysis because you want to learn more about human behavior.

  • Read for self-improvement, answer the questions, and let the book take you through a journey of self-discovery.

  • Read as entertainment, enjoy the high factor of recognition, and ponder about your own stories.

Discover how easy, fund and surprising it can be to  acquire knowledge about human behaviors that most people will never learn.

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CEO Closers

It’s an inner journey, a journey that will give you the keys to your own unique wisdom. She will no doubt change your life and help you to achieve your full potential.

Healthcare Communication

After 12 years with my LifeSpider, I don’t need to perform — I’m living it. My Life project “Compassionate Invest.” felt big, but now I’m supporting people here in Bali.

Leadership Development

Wow!!! I can honestly say this is the most profound self-work I have experienced in the last 30 years!!! I'm sobbing, and my mind is racing. I'm very grateful!!! 


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