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What Is The Meaning Of Weird and Do You Belong To The Weird Ones?

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Weird Meaning and Definition

This post aims to restore the Weird true meaning and help you discover if you belong to The Weird Ones and how to embrace your weirdness, quit conforming, and be proud of understanding the importance of being weird.


How Do You Use The Word Weird?

This post inspires you to redefine yourself in terms that accurately describe who you are. When you comprehend the original concept of the word weird, you can find new ways of expressing your weirdness. By understanding The Weird true meaning, you will stop conforming and begin to celebrate your weirdness. Finally, you will be so confident that you belong to The Weird Ones that you would take offense if someone called you "normal."



Years ago, when I began to use the word Weird I did not know the history and meaning of weird. People around me tried to talk me out of using "weird" because of the biases behind the word. However, as I am Weird, it only provoked me to cling to it even more. So, when I joined Clubhouse,  The Weird One's Club emerged and ignited my decades of desire into action; To unite The Weird Ones. 

Having named our community The Web Of Weird, another remarkable coincidence occurred. When it was time to find a logo, a designer among the Weird Ones returned with a suggestion and a related Weird phenomenon. He had found a symbol and inspiration in Scandinavian mythology that represents the interconnectedness of the past, present, and future. (More about The Web of Weird further down).

If you want to know more about my journey into The Weird Ones, read the post In A Weird One's Mindbut now it's time to dive into the meaning and definition of the word Weird.


What Is The True Meaning Of The Word Weird?



"Having power to control destiny" is not an interpretation we naturally associate with the word, Weird. We commonly relate with words like awkward, odd, peculiar, bizarre, different, very strange, unusual, unexpected, or not natural.

Weird is used with a negative connotation of someone or something wrong, which needs to adjust to the normal.



Why Do You Want To Understand The True Meaning Of Weird?

Therefore our first step is to recharge the word Weird with its true meaning, "Having power to control destiny."

This beautiful meaning and definition of weird originate from a verb in old Germanic, "to be, to becoming." Later on, it gained additional importance as a noun in the context of "fate, destiny" and appeared in the English language around the 14th and 15th centuries.

Weird Become Witches

By the 8th century, the plural wyrde began to appear as a name for The Fates — "three goddesses who spun, measured, and cut the thread of life." William Shakespeare used the "weird sisters" in the play Macbeth where they appear as three witches. Shakespeare's use of Weird led to broader usage of Weird as a descriptive word for people who have a scary appearance and are strangely unconventional.


What Is The Meaning Of Weird? 

The meaning of Weird goes beyond ordinary people's definition. It's fascinating to read how history comprehends the interconnectedness between micro and macro cosmos. In this 'Matrix of Fate," Weird referred to how the "Three Weird Sisters" was weaving the web of life for individuals and the connections and comparisons of how galaxies mirrored the structure of cells of all living things. 

I love the fact that old Nordic and Germanic mythology teaches us about the equal importance of "time and purpose" and "structure and functionality." This defines one of many characteristics of weirdness since The Weird Ones naturally seek similarities in differences and find common ground in metaphysical and scientific occurrences.


The Web Of Weird

It was natural for me to pick up the name "The Web of Weird" for our community since my entire coaching and training concept is LifeSpider System™, and I have been "Weaving The Web" for decades. I am still stunned by the synchronicity that made The Weird One's Club and LifeSpider System so perfectly merge in a unifying Web of Weird. A web that's spinning for The Weird One to come together and co-create for a nonconforming future.

  What Does It Mean To Be Weird?

With the brief history of the Weird origin meaning and definition, I'm confident to use "The Weird Ones" instead of established labels from the field of neurodiversity. Using the term The Weird Ones broadens the definition of neurodivergent labels. It also removes stigmatized perceptions since a single label often isn't enough to describe The Weird Ones' colorful skills and traits.

Weirdness is not just an idea or concept. It is a way of life that has the power to grow, inspire, and change people’s lives.

The word "weird" has been used in many different ways throughout time, but today it means something very different than before. Being weird can be seen as a form of self-expression. It's about being your authentic self, even if it's different from what society expects you to be.

Weirdness is the new normal in the 21st century because it challenges traditional norms and values that are no longer relevant to today’s society.


Can Weird Be A Good Thing? 

I think it's important to clarify that Weird is not a classification or an external diagnosis. Weird is a self-chosen title for people who feel they don't fit into "the normal" but think that established neurodivergent labels are limiting. With the title Weird, this incredible crowd of diverse people can belong without being placed in a box, which The Weird Ones are rebellious against. 

As we have learned, weird can refer to something strange or mysterious. To most people, weird means something out of the ordinary and not typical of others with similar personality traits or social norms. It also may mean something that is beyond comprehension or challenging to understand.

The word weird is often used to describe anything "not normal." While weird may seem like a negative word for ordinary people, it's the perfect word to describe The Weird Ones. A weird person who has embraced their weirdness perceives the word weird as a compliment. Nobody who belongs to The Weird Ones wants to be labeled "normal." 

In the last few decades, we have seen increasing understanding that neurodiversity isn't a disorder that needs to be fixed but only a variation of the human brain. Although people are becoming more aware of neurodiversity thanks to pioneers like Judy Singers, Our society has not yet reached a point where intelligent deviations are as significant as physical deviations. Despite the neurodiverse movement, labels are still charged with unflattering judgments. 

In an attempt and excuse to hold on to the "normal norms" — which people who belong to The Weird Ones experience as stupidity — authorities still create labels to define "abnormality" as various "disorders." The "standard norm" is about to change, but replacing existing structures with comfortable frameworks for The Weird Ones will take a while.

Adapting is only a means for the Weird Ones To "Playing The Game."

While waiting for a radical change, I encourage The Weird Ones to be aware that "dumb down behavior" is exclusively a means for "playing the ongoing game." Stupefying should never be a performance in suppressing gifts, holding back creativity, or avoiding expressing brilliance. 

By consciously learning how to "play the game," The Weird Ones magnify their possibility to manifest their projects that will contribute to human evolution and a "new normal."

A crucial step for The Weird Ones to become successful players in this game begins with understanding themselves and the difference between neurotypical people's relationship with things and individuals. By learning about neurotypical people's behaviors, attitudes, and reactions, The Weird Ones can make conscious decisions about " playing the game" to create more meaning in their lives.

An excellent start to learn about this difference is to read my book "Are You Stuck With A Duck?" which contains my observations and anecdotes from a perfect vantage point among neurotypicals. 

My life experiences have unconsciously contributed to an amusing performance, full of lessons to learn how easily we get trapped in the ordinary and how magnificent we find our way out. Get the First Free chapter here. A collection of shortcuts and kicks in the *** creates eagerness to liberate your weirdness.


How do you describe a person who belongs to The Weird Ones?


In this section, you will receive a summary of 18 unique, weird personality traits that indicate if you belong to The Weird Ones. After looking at the questions, you know that being weird is a good thing, and you are inspired to embrace your weirdness. 

Download this section as eBook

This section contains lots of information — originates from my Quora Answer — that you probably will read more than once, so it can be convenient to have it easily accessible as an eBook.  DOWNLOAD those 18 Unique, Weird Personality Traits.

18 Weird Personality Traits That Describe The True Meaning Of Being Weird. 


1. Do You Always Stretching Your Awareness?

The Weird Ones are aware of what they are doing. By exploring their surroundings, they develop an awareness of themselves. They educate their inner self through the observation of their outer life. In this regard, they often ask themselves, "Why am I doing this?"

The Weird Ones create reminders in their inner world about the causes and effects of events that happen to them. Their reflections visualize their day and analyze how the events affected their lives and those around them. By expanding their horizons and exploring the world around them, they develop their awareness of it. 

While growing up, I learned to mentally journey back to places I knew, such as my house or a favorite flower in the garden, to see them from a new angle. As I explored those journeys, I became curious about what I might have missed from my external perspective.

I'm still using the same strategy and love to dive deep into the sand to see if I can find something I haven't seen before. Today I'm utilizing this method to provide my brain with new information to process.


2. Are You Extremely Intuitive? 

The Weird Ones' natural way of managing their intuition is the foundation of their capacity to quickly absorb and process vast amounts of information. Today when new science and metaphysical experiences work closely together, Weird People are empowered to magnify their already remarkable intuitive capabilities.

I have had the privilege of working with thousands of clients who were great observers with an above-average level of consciousness and excellent intuition. 

Many refused to use their intuitive abilities since they felt too fuzzy. That judgment kept them unaware of several hidden unutilized talents. 

However, when they realized that the "fluffy stuff" wasn't equal to a "New Age Life," they curiously began to discover new Weird traits to exercise.

When The Weird Ones overcome resistance barriers for the "fluffy thing," they are incredibly intuitive. The uncovered intuition magnifies their already elevated creativity. 

The more connected The Weird Ones feel to their creativity, the more they enjoy themselves, others, and everything around them.

Creativity is what The Weird Ones bring into everything they are doing. Almost without exception, they aim to improve both the internal and external worlds.

The Weird Ones understand that what they create affects their lives and the world around them and will impact the future. 

Read more about creativity and Weird People in my answer at Quora. What is the difference between a genius and a smart person?


3. Is Freedom A Life Elixir For You?

To act on intuition and do what creation is asking them to do is, for Weird People, equal to freedom. Independence and freedom are life elixirs to them. Despite their need for freedom — as most ordinary people— many Weird People continue to separate their lives into different boxes—career, family, friends, health, economy, and personal and spiritual development. People feel dissatisfied and frustrated because of this competition for their time, money, and energy.

Throughout life, they are programmed that others are right. They learn that they don't have a choice but to try to adapt to be "normal." "Therefore, they compromise with their truths and invent different ways to endure situations instead of following their calling." Retrieved from Linkedin article

People who belongs to The Weird Ones long for the freedom to live on their own terms. However, the opposition is mostly too firm, so they put their happiness off in the future.

4. Is It Challenging For You To Develop Your Talents? 

One reason The Weird Ones don't discover their hidden talents is that they lack convenient external sources. The most intelligent person in the room rarely receives feedback because people around them don't think they can be any better. Because of an unconscious - or conscious - jealousy, their peers, may not even want to mention their brilliance.

Moreover, people who think linearly are often incompatible with Weird Ones, who incorporate chaos theories into their analysis of situations.


5. Are You Exposed to Other's Judgement of Being "Arrogant?" 

A frustrating thing for The Weird Ones is that people want them to adapt to the "normal" because they don't understand their brilliance. Unfortunately, norms in our society think The Weird Ones should learn to control their minds and adapt to the ordinary.⁠

Weird People have Self-confidence that goes a long way. 

However, it's a misconception that it can make them arrogant and annoying. Commonly, others judge Weird People to be "Arrogant," "Besserwisser," and "Too much," which means they experience them as "arrogant and annoying." 

Other people's experience is only a projection of their shortcomings and shouldn't burden The Weird Ones.

The Weird Ones who grow up with judgments about being "Arrogant," "a Besserwisser," and "too much" become quiet, and they are trying to fit in by diminishing themselves. (You don't have to belong to The Weird Ones to be exposed to other people's judgment about your qualities. Read more about Ego Evolution.

I would encourage The Weird Ones to expand their egos because it's time to reveal the fundamental misconception that we should "get rid of our ego."

"Contrary to most spiritual teachings, a compassionate relationship with the ego is what we all need to move humanity to the next level."  Retrieved from Linkedin article 

Folks may think that The Weird Ones are dismissive towards them, but those thoughts occur only when a Weird Person reminds them of their shortcomings. The Weird Ones don't belittle others because they respect all living things and want everyone to be who they are. That said, it doesn't mean weird people want to interact with everyone.

This paragraph is partly an excerpt from my answer to the question on Quora. What is the saddest truth about smart people?

My advice for the weird ones is to 
teach their ego to create 
some dreams because 
they will function 
as a high octane 
fuel to their 


6. Are You Excellent In Handling Changes?

The Weird Ones are knowledgeable that things look different depending on what side they want to see them. They can change their perspective from minor details into universal strategies in a snap.

Therefore weird people can choose to perceive darkness and light as a beautiful combination of new possibilities. It's fascinating how they formulate prognoses of their actions to discover more dimensions.

It's natural for The Weird Ones to look deeper into a situation. They are eager to explore several aspects of themself to obtain a profound understanding of what's happening.

Those who belong to The Weird Ones are at their best when they integrate their visions into their everyday chores because it's there where new ideas pop up that move their process forward.


7. Are You, Magnificent, To Integrate Paradoxes?  

Integration is an essential skill to avoid being trapped in the human judgment game and achieve life satisfaction. The Weird Ones are highly accomplished at combining opposites and allowing depth and height to coexist.

The Weird Ones are almost obsessive about integrating different pools and making them dance together to find power in the differences. It is in The Weird Ones' nature to avoid making any judgments before examining all the facts and understanding the complete picture of the situation.

Among those who belong to The Weird Ones, it's natural to experiment to uncover new approaches to problems that they can apply as their teacher, mentor, and guide. The Weird Ones are an inspiration to others and those who will make this world a better place.


8. Do You Know the Difference Between Loneliness And Self-Beingness?

A commonly mentioned trait of The Weird Ones is "loneliness." Behind this statement is a judgment built on other people's perception that loneliness is "a sad truth." The Weird Ones are frequently characterized as introverted, which is not an accurate description in many cases.⁠Weird People stick to their ideas simultaneously as they compromise with their expressions to please their surroundings. Hanging on to those contradictory conditions can be tiring. 

In attempts to fit in, The Weird Ones live with immense frustration, which is a leading cause of depression and self-sabotaging behavior.

Withholding creative energy is like a volcano; sooner or later, it will erupt.⁠ To not endanger their creations, The Weird Ones often choose to hang out with themselves. Depression is expected when The Weird Ones try to meet others' — people, companies, communities, norms — visions, and goals.⁠

The Weird Ones prefer their own company because they want to be left alone with their thoughts. Also, they want to avoid "small talk activities." This is NOT loneliness but "self-beingness. 

Weird people enjoy being by themselves because, in their self-beingness, they don't get questioned or are at risk of triggering someone's judgment. Also, self-beingness is a necessary relief from frustration that arises from holding back knowledge, wants, and needs.⁠

The truth is that The Weird Ones are significantly extroverted when they get together with like-minded and are involved in meaningful conversations. Published on Instagram


9. Do You Love to Learn From Everything And Everyone?

Those who belong to The Weird One know that learning is not about studying scientific papers to receive a certificate but about respecting simplicity.

Furthermore, they know that we can make a difference only by being and following our hearts. They are always (and too often:-) ready to share, and sometimes it's "just an insect" that gets their attention. 

For The Weird Ones, it's natural to be humble because their entire system knows everything is interconnected.

The Weird Ones are aware that they never know when their teacher will show up or who it is. Their masters are rarely enlightened Guru. Instead, they appear "camouflaged as creatures of a beetle." 

Also, The Weird Ones are conscious that the time for learning is immaterial. It can be an instant moment, and they have learned the lesson that changes their and others' lives.

This paragraph was partly from a story on my blog about how I learned a lesson in compassion.


10. Do You Struggle To Remain Grounded?

It's easy for The Weird Ones to honor their chosen destiny and stay loyal to their commitment to do what they have proclaimed. However, they are less equipped to remain grounded and accept they are humans in a physical form.

Commonly, people who belong to The Weird Ones have to learn how to be a part of society and yet still embody their mission to "save the world." An essential part of this "become a human training" is eliminating old values and inviting their ego as prominent players for the "greater good."

The ego is a catalyst for everyone's life purposes, and The Weird Ones find a new dimension of themselves when they know how to utilize their ego as an asset.

If The Weird Ones — and all people for that matter — want to fulfill their life purposes, they need to embrace, expand, and express their ego. If not, humanity will be stuck in the current judgemental, polarised, and limiting paradigm.

A way for The Weird Ones to become more luminous is to invite their ego into their life. The ego is the fuel, the energy, and the catalyzer for the light. 

When The Weird Ones learn how to utilize their ego, they radiate their difference and become a lighthouse for humanity.


11. Do You Deviate From Standard Norms?

Our society is created and developed from a standard that's called "normal." Also, the social culture is designed for a "normal" level of intelligence, which means that average intellects naturally fit in and become understood.

In an attempt and excuse to hold on to the "normal norms" — which Highly Intelligent People experience as stupidity — authorities create labels to define "abnormality" as various "disorders."
The "standard norm" is about to change, but it will take a while to replace existing structures with comfortable frameworks for highly intelligent people. While waiting for the change, I encourage Highly Intelligent People to be aware that "dumb down behavior" ONLY is an action for "playing the ongoing game."

Stupefying should never be a performance in suppressing gifts, holding back creativity, or avoiding expressing brilliance. By consciously "playing the game," Highly Intelligent People increase their possibility to manifest their projects that will contribute to the "new normal.



12.  Are You A Too Excellent Listener?

The Weird Ones are commonly quiet because they are great observers and excellent listeners. They often choose to be silent because ordinary people don't understand their point since The Weird Ones' utterances can contain long and complicated messages.

However, communication is the link to solutions for people on this planet. All information you continuously gather via all your senses is for no use if you don't speak up and become heard. Therefore I think it's time for The Weird Ones to quit listening, especially when they pretend to be entertained because they are bored with the topic.

The Weird Ones are excellent communicators striving to achieve friction-free transmission. They interact at high speed by creating cooperation between their intuition, brain, and verbal expressions. Don't worry; Those who belong to The Weird Ones will never become ordinary people who focus on delivering their words without thinking about how the receiver experiences the information.

Weird People are relatively free from value and judgment. Therefore, they can receive information without translation and send data without distortion. In their communicative state of transparency, they don't have to struggle to find solutions. 

As an open channel, The Weird Ones have access to all knowledge they need. It's "normal" for them to transfer information from all their senses, not just spoken words. They are also interconnected with everything, and it's natural for them to receive information from "out of nowhere."


13. Are You An Outstanding Observer? 

Making observations to attain changes and find new solutions is an old and proven method. Almost all inventions have started with observations of ordinary and everyday things. Professional observers like Leonardo Da Vinci based their most spectacular devices on monitoring themselves and their surroundings.

Weird people are outstanding observers and understand how unconscious beliefs and behaviors control people's life choices. 

Weird People have an idea about how ordinary people maintain their assumptions and follow external rules without questioning if they're advantageous or suitable. 

Also, The Weird Ones understand how fears get humans to act irrationally. It's evident to them how people hide behind unseen rules to protect their vulnerability. Granstrom, Birgitta. Retrieved from Linkedin Article "Duck Sucks" 

By observing people's behavior, The Weird Ones are painfully aware of the continuous struggle. It is a battle that keeps humanity stuck, believing that they can't change and are forced to live a life that someone else has chosen for them.

The Weird Ones gather information without changing, evaluating, or judging whatever comes up. The observations provide their brains with new information to play in the quest to find innovative solutions to improve the world.


14. Are You Purpose-Driven? 

The Weird ones are purpose-driven. They find their creativity's most energetic characteristic when they have identified and live their mission.

They live in stability and clarity of their mission and know it will bring them the rewards they are looking for. Nevertheless, they often don't have the same steadiness in being a human:-) 

Most of those who belong to The Weird Ones must learn to combine the highest spiritual and the lowest material qualities.

They keep a proper balance of spiritual and physical elements when they have cracked the code of having it all.

This means they will attract life instead of depending on the influences and energies around them.

The Weird Ones rarely have dreams and goals like ordinary people since their intentions are their existence. Neither have weird people time to dream since they are occupied with realizing their Life Projects.


15. Do You Struggle To Be in Your Power?

The Weird Ones need to understand what their actual wants and needs are. Without respecting and valuing themselves, they will borrow their worth from the outside world. Seeking validation from others weakens their power and distances them from their mission. For The Weird Ones, this can be fatal since their purposes are their energy source.

When people who belong to The Weird Ones are in their power, they fulfill everything with extreme intensity. This "high performance" energy has a tremendous influence on the environment.

They become masters of their lives from this authority, freeing them from society's laws and illusionary values. Ordinary people can be afraid of The Weird Ones because they have a charisma that attracts others and encourages them to venture out from society's boxes and regulations.

Those who belong to The Weird Ones are not a follower, and no one can own them. When they discover their authentic power, no person, organization, community, or country can limit them. They are freedom. Retrieved from my Instagram.

16. Can You Be Challenging For Others? 

The Weird Ones, with their characteristics, can be challenging for their environment. It can be confusing for ordinary people to handle someone honest, aware, intuitive, independent, fearless, strong-willed multi-tasker.

It's familiar that The Weird Ones' behavior is mistaken for ADHD because it appears that they bounce around many different tasks and never complete anything. But the truth is that they do. They are not just using the linear timeline that an average brain does. 

It might seem random for ordinary people, but The Weird One's actions originate from a deep underlying structure.

Most Weird People — aware of it or not — are applying "Chaos Theoretical Principles" when handling projects and tasks. For ordinary people, this project strategy is an entirely new way of thinking.

Instead of "sticking to the plan" and working in resistance, The Weird Ones are always ready to change its structure to meet new upcoming requirements, circumstances, personal changes, or changes within themselves.

One of the most significant benefits The Weird Ones attain from enabling their LifeSpider™ is categorizing all their projects. With the LifeSpider™, they know precisely what stage every project is and to which purpose they belong. This "Chaos Project Organizing Strategy" entitles them to continue "jumping around," They can relax because they know they will accomplish their life projects. Therefore they reach a level of satisfaction immune to linear peoples' opinions.


17. Is What Ordinary People Experience As Magic Natural For You?

Action connected to strong intentions creates what ordinary people experience as magic. For The Weird Ones— at least for those who have upgraded their intuition — magic indicates they align with their purposes. Weird People move forward with magic because they are ready to accept the future as it will unfold, without any attachment to control the outcome.

When The Weird Ones interact with "other dimensions," they meet the energy of their source and experience that the most magical things are those events that are real. 

Ordinary people struggle with magic because their intellect insists that magic is not real. It's easier for Weird People — because of their natural weirdness :-) — to accept supernatural happenings without trying to figure things out mentally.

Change occurs in mysterious ways for the weird ones, which their logical mind can have difficulty understanding. However, even if those who belong to The Weird Ones experience that magic is peculiar, they continue taking action based on their intentions. Even if they don't believe in it, the weird ones know it works.

The Weird Ones know that energies that occur when they take action on their intentions are more substantial than a skeptical mind.

I think that most of The Weird Ones would agree with me that there is no excuse for not trying unconventional actions, even if you have a skeptical mind.

When you create a partnership between your ego and soul, higher consciousness is a consequence — not a goal.


18. Are You Capable Of Retraining A Vast Amount Of Information? 

Those who belong to The Weird Ones can retain vast amounts of information due to their instinct to continuously seek new information. They quickly grasp the meaning and significance of facts because of the corporation between their intuition and brain.

They have access to massive amounts of knowledge as an open channel, and their mind is an enormous archive of information with an internal search engine. 

Rather than reading a whole book, they can interpret the message by reading between the lines. If ordinary people understand the meaning of a word, the Weird Ones hear the words' whole story. 

Their quick information processing also affects The Weird One's ability to understand visible expressions' underlying conditions. Yet another reason for their unique way of dealing with data is that they can ignore fears.

Those who belong to The Weird Ones are often labeled "quiet and lonely" because they like to think and be attentive to their thoughts. Ordinary people are usually occupied with talking and have no concept about what is going through their minds.



What Is The Meaning Of Being Weird? 

The Weird Ones are mighty and are here to reveal humanity's inherent divinity. They operate from a united consciousness rather than as individuals to accomplish this mission. Together, they promote passion, peace, and performance.


The Weird Ones And Evolution of Humanity

Evolution has its solutions of mutations to evolve for new beneficial traits, but sometimes evolution takes an extra gigantic leap. The Weird Ones have always existed, but now as they increase in number, we experience a jump in human intelligence and consciousness development. For example, the diagnosis of autism has increased so drastically that one starts to question if the labeling has outgrown its purpose.


The Meaning Of Being Weird Is To Unite, Not Divide

In our current paradigm, most people are still "fighting bad guys," while The Weird Ones collectively want to unite and not divide the population into "groups." They want to solve problems for everyone and often want to begin with the most urgent humanitarian situations.

Hardly any of The Weird Ones pretend to know, get stuck in assumptions, or defend principles that are not" true." They are open to collaborating between communities because they presume we are equal living species sharing planet earth.



Moving Toward "The Natural Order"

Evolution moves humanity from a condition of Believing into a state of Knowing, which is a movement toward what the old tribes named "The Natural Order." These fundamental natural laws in the universe allow human beings to live in society without imposing restrictions on their freedom. The Weird Ones—who are a sign of human evolution—are aware of this "Natural Order" but are confused when society tries to put them in a box with restrictions of manufactured laws.

When we explore old predictions and look into scientific breakthroughs regarding how our brains are still evolving, we discover an evolutionary leap in our genetic makeup as human beings. 


Are The Weird Ones Trailblazers Into The Future?

Conflicts in the world emerge when an unaware establishment resists moving with the evolution. It will probably take a hundred years before we reach a new level of civilization, but understanding the Weird true meaning and being aware of our weirdness will smoothen the transition.

The Weird One's charisma attracts people ready to be on the front line of the future. The larger the crowd becomes, it's inevitable that we will reach even the future scared skeptics. We are moving toward a new era of humanity, and The Weird Ones are here to be the lighthouse, trailblazer, and inventors in this movement. This is the core of LifeSpider System™'s and the Web of Weird's Ission.


What Does Being Weird Feel Like?

When you meet weird people, they express that being weird feels like they don’t belong to the “normal” because they see the world differently than others. Ordinary people might feel weird when they travel to a different culture, and the experience of being in an unfamiliar environment can sometimes be overwhelming. This is what being weird feels like. The Weird Ones feel they don’t belong because they experience the society around them as different and unfamiliar from how they see the world. 


Being Weird feels like what ordinary people would call "being psychic."

The Weird Ones' receptors for new information are susceptible. Due to the combination of their highly intuitive abilities and the way they process information, they find solutions before ordinary people even become aware of the problem.;

They can "hear" others' thoughts and can communicate without words. Also, they see through the linear timeline of the past, present, and future. Because of this talent, ordinary people tend to put them in a box that they are "psychic."

The Weird One does not consider themselves psychic, so their resistance to being confined is accurate even for this skill. Instead, they describe this capability as being an excellent observer who pays close attention to everything happening around them.


Separate Consciousness From The Body 

For the Weird Ones, their internal reality is as powerful as the external world. They are working in different dimensions simultaneously and are capable of having several thought tracks open. 

It's natural for someone who belongs to The Weird Ones to think outside themselves, which maybe others would describe as separating their consciousness from their body. For The Weird Ones, this is a skill like any other skill that they don't value higher than any other developable talent.

Being weird means you have a skill set out of the "ordinary" that you can develop because you want. For instance, If you have legs, you can walk and even run if you like, but that doesn't mean you have to run a marathon or become a sprinter.


Create A Protective Shield

Many of those who belong to The Weird Ones have been forced to build security during childhood to make themselves immune to stupidity and meaningless talk. The Weird Ones often use this "think in different tracks" to construct a shield around them to "survive" the ordinary physical world. This shield works throughout their entire life and can limit their success in the mental and emotional fields.

However, most of The Weird Ones know precisely how to remove or temporarily open the shield, and they don't mind doing so for people who respect, understand, and can follow their thought processes.

The shield is not what brings them into introverts and loners. It's only a conscious choice because they want to live at their own pace without restraining their desire to find, develop, and manifest their life purposes.


Take The Personality Test



Why Take A Personality Test to Find Out If You Belong To The Weird Ones? 

Personality tests are never a truth about you, but they can help clarify and confirm thoughts about yourself. This personality test is an educational test that means you will gain insights about yourself regardless of the results. 

However, whenever you take this test, try to be as honest as you can because then you maximize the benefits from the time you invest. The test doesn't save your answers anywhere, and you can do the test as many times as you want.

In this personality test that defines 84 Unique Weird Personality Traits, you will find out if you belong to The Weird Ones, are a Bridge Builder, or an Ambitious Seeker. Before you begin, I'll give you a short description of the difference between those three categories.


What Is The Difference Between Being Weird, A Bridge Builders, or An Ambitious Seekers?

The Weird Ones were born weird and are still undergoing a transformation that enlightened a higher level of consciousness.

The Bridge Builders are born without these weird qualities but acquire them by pursuing personal development programs and spiritual growth. 

The Bridge Builders are people who struggle between the weird and ordinary people. I will not get deep into a description of the Bridge Builder in this post, but I think it's valuable to know that the Bridge Builders need The Weird Ones to be a light in their transmission into their stage of weirdness.

The Bridge Builders are here to create relationships that cut across the lines of conflict. They have a mission to establish relationships, improve communication, and build trust between people and groups.

The Ambitious Seekers differ from the masses of ordinary people in that they are eager to learn more about themselves and the world. They feel stuck in a world of chaos, fear, greed, suffering, and control. Many seekers invest time and energy in self-discovery to find their true identity and place in the world. The outside world does not always understand their rich inner life. 


The Weird Ones relationship with the Seekers and Bridge Builders

The Weird Ones benefits from partnering with Bridge Builders, who provide valuable support for completing and activating their Life Projects. Too often, The Weird Ones stumble on the finish line because they lack the communicative skills to present, market, and sell their inventions. Bridge Builders who understand both worlds can fill in the gaps between the Weird One's visionary ideas and the ordinary people's needs.

The Ambitious Seekers find inspiration and empowerment in the Weird Ones because they show it's possible to find meaning and purpose in life. And, The Weird Ones enjoy encouraging the seekers because, after all, they are weird enough to think they can contribute to changing the face of the planet.



What Can You Do To Embrace Your Weirdness?       

    • In what way have you expanded and embraced Weird True Meaning? 

    • Have you found the answer to the question, Do You Belong To The Weird Ones?

    • Are you inspired and eager to embrace your weirdness?


I'm delighted you are here, and if you "Belong To The Weird Ones," you know I feel and see you even if we haven't met yet. But since I am on a mission to unite all The Weird Ones worldwide, I'm excited to connect with you in "physical form," too, so here are my two top suggestions on how we can make it happen.

1. A delightful start is joining The Weird One's Club at Clubhouse and visiting our "living room," a sanctuary for the Weird Ones. You will meet wonderful Weird Ones in unpremeditated, authentic, and exciting conversations that enhance your life—every day. 

2. Another easy not-commitment way to keep you updated about what's going on in The Weird Ones' World is to join our community, THE WEB OF WEIRD

3. You are also more than welcome to send me an e-mail I will answer in 24 hours because connecting with a Weird One makes my day.

In the meantime, I will continue searching for the Weird Ones and fulfill my intention to unite The Weird Ones and utilize their weirdness.


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