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What Is Compassion?

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Confidence arises when tranquility meets the excitement of not knowing what is going to happen.

I'm in a memory mood and enjoy organizing my reflections about how I ended up in the California wilderness. To me, looking back contains the conviction that better, brighter, and bolder things are on their way.

The actual reason I'm sharing "life lessons" is that my LifeSpider Leg with the nickname "Message from Life" recently got activated. When you get a "call from above," you don't have a choice but follow what you are inspired to do.

Just as I am insanely grateful to live remotely away from the chaos in the world, I am humbly curious about what this new awaken intention has in store for me.

I'm jumping right into the period when I became a digital nomad because that was a significant turning point for me. It was then I decided to remove anything that eventually held me back and delayed deliveries from the universe.

After my first digital nomad excursion in Australia 2007, I returned to Sweden only to buy a new ticket. This time to San Diego, California. In my plan were two fantastic conferences. NSA, National Speakers Association and the IONS, Institute of Noetic Science  "Consciousness in Action" 

Back then, I was ignorant but fully confident that I had a mission to fulfill. I relied on my conviction that the world is made of amazing experiences where every interaction is there for you to learn, grow, and move forward.

My intention fueled me with the energy to finalize my "life thinking" into something valuable for humanity. I was curious about the future since I knew that an "intention is an unconditional decision on a direction that only applies as long as passion exists. Also, I was obsessed with the idea of writing it down.

After my first month and the two evolutionary conferences, the leverage effect of the universe had been tremendous. I felt I was in an accelerating expansion.

Now, when I'm reading my newsletter from 2007, it takes me back to the feeling of synchronicity, craziness, and insights. Simultaneously, I realize that what I thought were "crazy times" then has become my "new normal."

Today I know synchronicity is an inevitable consequence when barriers, blockage, and unfavorable environments dissolve.



I'm going to share a passage from my historical newsletter about a lesson in compassion. It's a story about synchronicity and how your teachers show up in many different forms when you pay attention, listen, and respond.

I had woken up at my hostel in San Diego, determined to write about the LifeCompetence "compassion," but my energy to write was a no-show. Instead of forcing myself to write, I decided to take a walk and ended up at the exhibition of the Dead Sea roles in Balboa Park. (The 2000 years old scrolls were discovered in a group of caves close to the shore of the Dead Sea. The scripture includes fragments from the Old Testament but also "religious writings" that do not appear in the Old Testament.)

The unknown and the known unpublished stuff still fascinates me:-)

This is the story of how I received a lesson I had to learn before I was qualified to write about compassion.

Dead Sea Scrolls & A Monk


On Tuesday, July 24 (2007), I woke up at 4:30 am and started writing. When the clock no longer decides, my body lives with the sun, except for rebellious midday naps. The LifeCompetence for the day to work on was "Compassion." After a few hours, the inspiration disappeared, and I decided to head to San Diego's boat-filled harbor and have breakfast. After a few minutes of walking, I have changed direction and am on my way to Balboa Park, History Museum, and "The Dead Sea Scrolls." 

It feels like a good day trip. I am curious about Jewish mysticism and want to explore the history of my Jewish heritage. 

I pass the Museum's security check and allow myself to be fascinated by one of the world's most significant archaeological treasures. My interest in the Hebrew scriptures is confirmed. I sit down to reflect when a monk comes up to me and starts a conversation. We talk about life, the soul, and the higher consciousness. We are both grateful for our discussion. Before we part, we exchange e-mail addresses.

The day had been fantastic with a perfect blend of banana trees, ground squirrels, history, spiritual encounters, and shopping. The monk named Madhumangala makes a living selling books about the soul. The book I wanted costs $5, but the price was free. I gave Madhumangala $20 because my experience at the meeting was worth more than the book. The monk thought it was too much, and I received two more books as a gift.


Insights & A Beatle

Satisfied throughout the day, I mobilized energy for the long walk home. I longed to watch the newly purchased DVD movie about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the books on "Self-Discovery" that I had in my bag. As I approach downtown, I get a hit-home. While a thundering airplane is about to land at San Diego's centrally-located airport, I remember the beetle I met right at the entrance of Balboa Park five hours earlier.

I had met a beetle just by the stairs up to the park. The bug was as big as the top of my thumb. It changed all colors of the rainbow, where it lay on its back and struggled to get back up on his feet. I had bent down and turned him right. I had experienced some discomfort as I dislike having beetles in my hands. The beetle had a damaged leg and had difficulty keeping the balance. I had moved it to a flatter surface to facilitate his efforts to stay on his feet. I had seen him limp away on his five legs, and it had felt good. Once inside the park, I had forgotten the beetle and didn't remember it until now.

Humility & A Learning

In the silence of the airplane that had just landed, I realized that I had been on an adventure day in "Compassion." I breathed the realization that learning is neither about Hebrew scriptures nor monks, but about respect for what's simple and close to you. I realized the importance of being humble for all life and that we make a difference when we follow our hearts and are present in the moment.

We need to accept that there are always times when we can share, and sometimes it's "only" an insect that should get our attention. When it becomes natural for us to be humble, our entire system knows that everything is interconnected and that we are one with everything that exists.

I kept going down the steep hill with the idea that we never know when our teacher will show up or who it is. Our masters are rarely Dead Sea Scrolls or an enlightened Guru. Our masters are more often camouflaged in creatures of beetles. Also reminded that the time for learning is immaterial. It can be a moment, then we have learned the lesson that changes both our own and others' lives.

The sun was starting to burn on my shoulders. Even though my legs were tired after almost six hours of hiking, it was easy to walk as the insights continued to flow. The meeting with Madhumangala had taught me something valuable about generosity.

Genuine generosity is about giving in a way so that we experience ourselves as the recipient. When we share just because we want to do good, or out of compassion, it's still just a selfish act. Madhumangala needed money, but there was no place for greed. It was more imminent for him to maintain equilibrium in the exchange of work. I could, in my ignorance and with my $20, put him in debt of energy if he hadn't restored the balance.

Endorphin-filled with today's experiences, I arrived at the intersection of Broadway and State street, one block from my hotel. I wait for the "walking man" and feel a conviction that when we act from compassion, we are rewarded. The clicking sound shifted, and in the middle of the pedestrian crossing, I pass a man with a round belly and an orange T-shirt with the text *"Tommy's Rock Opera The Who ... I am free." Quiet in my thoughts and with a big smile I quoted myself; "At all F*** places throughout the entire universe, things are showing up exactly where they are supposed to be"

I returned to the hostel, sat down in my writing corner, and finished the chapter "Compassion." Within, vibrant gratitude arose for being able to experience this fantastic world when it is in its best mood.


* In my first newsletter, I wrote about how this had been my favorite song and mantra since I was a teenager 

The lesson learned ended up as a short paragraph about LifeCompetence Compassion.

"When our hearts are free, we are prepared to learn from everything around us. Our teachers can be anything, and it can take a short time to learn a lesson that will change our lives. Real compassion is also about handling charity in a way that we become the receiver. Giving because we want to do something good or feel sorry for someone is just an egoistic act. Opportunities for showing and sharing compassion are always present."

However, it might seem to be a "tiny paragraph," but for most people, it's a giant leap to obtain genuine compassion. It's tough to learn how to take one step at a time and give every moment your total attention.

To act with compassion and respond to whatever is getting in our way, it's an art. It's artistry in embracing, expanding, and expressing your ego. If you want to learn how this paradox works, listen to some of the conversations from Ego Evolution.

A guarantee to reach the condition of compassion — and all 9 LifeCompetencies — is to enable your LifeSpider™. But, until you are ready for that, you can do the "Indigo Test" to increase your knowledge of your hidden authenticity. 

Finally, this SpiderNews is coming to an end, and I'm checking out with the confession that it took some years before I knew that the LifeCompetencies was the OS for the entire LifeSpider System. Also, I admit that I'm impressed by myself with how I have handled the patience to allow the LifeSpider™ puzzle to emerge without any pressured external timeline.

Life is a flow of changes, but the core of your essence is always following you. The mirror back in time is a pleasure and a source of inspiration that keeps us moving forward. 

What source of inspiration is following you when you're looking into your historical mirror?


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