Certifying Neoteric AI-Powered Coach Training for The Weird Ones. 

Harness the Power of AI and Traditional Wisdom for Revolutionary Coaching

Learn more about the program and how to expand your universal impact to make a significant difference.

Introducing Generative AI in Coaching


LifeSpider Academy champions the fusion of tradition and innovation in coaching.

Dive into our 8-week Neoteric AI Coach Mastery program to grasp how Generative AI can be the game-changer in your coaching journey.

With AI, not only do you access unprecedented insights, but you also offer tailored guidance to your clients.

Embrace the next evolution of coaching; let's redefine life transformations together.


Leading the Next Era of Coaching Technology


We're pioneering the AI revolution in the coaching world. Our program immerses you in the latest coaching tech breakthroughs, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

Integrate AI effortlessly into your sessions, magnify your impact, and witness transformative results.

Adopt this avant-garde technology and carve your niche as an innovator in the coaching realm.

Combine an Epic Life Philosophy with Traditional Coaching Skills 


At LifeSpider Academy, we believe in pushing the boundaries of coaching. Our 8-week AI-Powered Coach Training program equips you with the knowledge and skills to leverage the power of Generative AI in your coaching practice.

With AI, you can unlock new possibilities, gain deeper insights, and provide personalized guidance to your clients like never before.

Step into the future of coaching and revolutionize the way you transform lives.


Dive into a curriculum fortified with AI-enhanced tools and methods designed for the leaders of tomorrow. Our program equips you with dynamic self-management skills, delivering strategies in each session that are immediately actionable and impactful.


Our  Coaching Conditions built upon 9 LifeCompetencies harmoniously align with ICF's core competencies. With an experiential training approach, you'll seamlessly integrate AI insights, ensuring you elevate the quality of life for yourself and those you coach.


Your purpose-driven passion is your beacon. Harness AI to refine and articulate your unique message, showcasing the transformative value you offer. Attract clients who resonate with your authentic lifestyle, leveraging AI's precision to ensure alignment.


As you onboard two clients, the program ensures that theory is intertwined with real-world coaching experiences. More than just an adviser, you'll master the art of utilizing ChatGPT as a coaching ally, reshaping conversations and driving transformative outcomes.


Mars 26, 10, 10:00 AM PST 













WEEK 1: Coaching History, Ethics, and oxygen distribution. Mastering the core coaching skills. Learn and apply the three phases of communication. Practicing Powerful - Velcro - Questioning to eliminate the advisor, avoid "The How", and establish trust.

WEEK 2: Find a descriptor to emphasize confidence and building authenticity. Co-Creating the client relationship. Evoke Awareness with velcro questions. Establish  agreements and expectations. Make quick progress in planning and goal setting. Manage progress and accountability.

WEEK 3: Establishing the Coaching Agreement to clarify when coaching is appropriate and meeting ethical guidelines. The action power in Hammock coaching. We are using Active Listening to identify emotions behind clients' words. Designing Actions to create achievable plans based on understanding.

WEEK 4: We learn how to help clients manage emotional and behavioral progress through Direct Communication. Anchor insights into a Client's Subconsciousness by understanding the meaning of individual words. Learn how to quickly identify and act differently depending on if information emerges from Intuition or values.

WEEK 5: We continue going deeper into Coaching Presence and Creating Awareness by using "hooks" and energy surfing. How to be confident during the coaching process while Creating Awareness to help clients understand themselves. Let the silence speak and ask questions to ensure the client hears their message.

WEEK 6: Finding multiple purposes bigger than your thoughts. Using Powerful Questions with POCUS to replace traditional goal-setting and action plans with a passion plan that ensures clients can follow through with their desires. Actively use silence as questions and questions for Active Listening.

WEEK 7: How to perfect using a seven-step transformational coaching process. Maximize results by including environmental elements, adding unpredictability, distractions, and stupid questions. Learn how to apply your coaching skills in Group coaching and bigger audiences.

WEEK 8: The Certification Celebration. A self-assessment and evaluation hone your coaching skills and prepare you for the next level. Learn how to elevate your coaching by integrating and using AI and ChatGPT as practice partners. Additionally, gain an understanding of the basics of writing coach prompts.


$2 997

Payment in installments is possible.

  • 9 weekly online interactive lectures. 
  • Check-in audio support chat.
  • The AI-Powered Self-Coaching Program (commercial use) 
  • A workbook that will be a living document during the training and for your future expansion.
  • Training in how to integrate AI and ChatGPT in your business, marketing, and sales.
  • ChatGPT Coach Precision-engineered Prompts. 
  • Checklists for quick access to powerful questions, coach techniques, methods, and theories.
  • Self-evaluation and knowledge assessment. 
  • 1-year Free Membership in LifeSpider Galaxy with monthly online support meetings.

This 8-week program is designed for individuals who are looking for a way to expand their universal impact, gain the freedom to make a real difference and develop the skills they need to become successful coaches.

You are here because you are weird enough to think that you can change the face of the planet, and I am here to tell you that you can.

During the 8-weeks, you will learn cutting-edge coaching techniques and innovative approaches to coaching. You will develop the skills you need to help others choose a life that creates magnificence, impact, and freedom.

You will become a master of Transformational Coaching, Powerful Questions, and Active Listening. You will be equipped with the tools you need to help others attain their visions, achieve their goals, and improve their lives.

Are You Weird Enough for this Neoteric Coach Training? 

If you are insecure if this is the right coach training for you, download the guide  or send me an e-mail


OBS! There is a limit of 8 students for the group that starts in Mars 2024.