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15 Signs You Are A Highly Intelligent Person And Belong To The Weird Ones

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Are you a highly Intelligent person who belongs to the weird ones

Do you belong to the weird ones?

Have you always felt different and that you don't belong? Do you prefer being alone with your thoughts rather than being stuck in a social setting in meaningless small talk?

Here are 15 signs indicating that you are a highly intelligent person belonging to The Weird Ones.

This blog post will gives you 15 signs indicating that you are a Highly Intelligent Person belonging to The Weird Ones. The purpose is to encourage you to learn more about yourself and your weirdness. Suppose you want to dive deeper into your weirdness. In that case, you find links to empowering information for The Weird Ones and a personality test that accurately indicates if you belong to The Weird Ones.



Some people are more ambitious than others.

People like performing tests and checking signs because they want to feel validated and proud of themselves.

A Highly Intelligent Person is checks signs to find something useful for themselves and their projects.

Since you've come this far, it's likely you already know you are A Highly Intelligent Person and belong to The Weird Ones and are curious to learn more about being Highly Intelligent and weird. Let's begin with the signs. Then we will move on to how you can amplify your weirdness.

15 Signs That You Are A Highly Intelligent Person Who Belongs To The Weird Ones. 


  1. You prefer working alone or taking leadership positions.
  2. You are a great multi-tasker, accomplishing many things within a short period.
  3. You can "see" through illusions and tell when someone is lying.
  4. You are intolerant of stupidity – behavior, actions, words, and viewpoints.
  5. You have felt misunderstood throughout your life.
  6. You are highly intelligent – in your unique way.
  7. You are often introverted and enjoy your own company.
  8. You are technologically oriented and good at computers or other gadgetry.
  9. You are a nonconformist who rebels against structure and authority.
  10. You are coming up with innovative solutions to problems.
  11. You are incredibly disciplined and focused when adequately motivated.
  12. You are seeking meaning in your life and understanding of the world.
  13. You have unique calculation powers. (You may have been accused of cheating in school because you did the answers in your head and could not show how you did your work.
  14. You have tried different methods to make you appear "normal" and fit into society.
  15. You feel frustrated with or reject the traditional lifestyle and working 9 to 5.

How well do you recognize yourself in those signs?




Do you belong to The Weird Ones?

If you recognized yourself in the 15 signs above, you might want to learn more about your weirdness. The shortcut is to take the "test"; Do You Belong To The Weird Ones? This quiz includes 67 more expected and unexpected traits for The Weird Ones. (Your answer will not be saved anywhere).

A Weird One is an intelligent, creative, and intuitive person who thinks "outside the box" in a non-linear way.

The traits for The Weird Ones are similar to
Highly Intelligent People.


You may explore the similarities in this informative article;11 common traits of highly intelligent people. This post is written by Shana Lebowiths, a correspondent for Business Insider. She refers to an engaging thread at Quora, and in her column, she backs up the information with scientific and psychological research.


The Weird Ones and the indigo concept

The Weird Ones once emerged from the "Indigo Concept" that was discovered by a woman, Nancy Tappe, who saw the indigo color as part of her synesthesia and formalized it into a structured system of information.

I'm grateful I met Nancy in Carlsbad before she passed away in 2012. I feel honored to have experienced her authentic combining of metaphysical aspects with logical and earthbound phenomena. 

I agree with Nancy's writing on her website. All about Indigo: "Indigo energy is not just about who is or is not Indigo or what type of Indigo one is. It is more important to know that Indigos accept individuals for who and what they are and work for the interconnectedness of all. Their task is to integrate mankind into one world through globalization that moves beyond political or economic boundaries and beyond personal biases and prejudices."

Note: Nancy Ann Tappe's webpage is no longer active. I offered my help to keep it alive, but the person who administrated Nancy's page—several years after she left our planet—had "received a message" that Nancy's work was complete. Shortly after I accepted the decision, The Weird Ones came alive.

A Highly Intelligent Person is Weird Enough To Always Seeking To Increase Their Self-Awareness. 

Over the 25-plus years as a coach and trainer, I have worked with thousands of clients who are brilliant observers, have a high level of consciousness, and have above-average intuition. Many of them didn't take advantage of their intuitive abilities or were unaware of using their talents. However, both of those scenarios were starting points for my clients to discover new ways to utilize their brilliance.

For me, as a coach, it's rewarding to activate The Weird One's LifeSpider™ to reveal their unknown abilities. It's gratifying to witness how they instantaneously integrate new skills for their innovations and accomplishments. If you are a highly intelligent person and belong to the Weird Ones, you know how it works. When you discover a tool that serves yourself and your projects — you are quick to implement it.


It can be challenging for A Highly Intelligent Person To Discover Their Talents

The Weird Ones don't discover hidden talents because they don't have a convenient external source. People close to them rarely provide feedback because they can't imagine that the "smartest person in the room" can improve. Also, your peers may not want to mention your brilliance because of unconscious — or conscious jealousy.

This article 6 facts that everyone should know about Envy & Jealousy explains why those around you don't acknowledge your hidden excellence.

Furthermore, ordinary people are linear thinkers. Their support is often incompatible with A Highly Intelligent Person who belongs to The Weird Ones, who tackle situations based on chaos theoretical principles.



If you intend to explore your intuitive capacity, you can read the blog post  Stop Believing in Yourself and Others. The post analyzes the difference between believing and knowing, and it will help you to find out how well you relate to your "inner knowing. If you belong to The Weird Ones, I guess that you will be confirmed in what you already know about yourself and that you will like the structure of how to describe your intuitive ability.

This method demonstrates how The Weird Ones use their intuition to make decisions, facilitate choices, and how to become more confident to share with others what you have to offer.



It has been a pleasure writing to you, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch.


If you belong to The Weird Ones Welcome To Join Our Community





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11 common traits of highly intelligent people.
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6 facts that everyone should know about Envy & Jealousy
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