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Stop Believing In Yourself and Others

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When you believe you can—You Can.
When you know you can—You Do.

In this blog post, you learn why you should stop believing in yourself and how you can improve your LifeCompetence "Knowing." Also, you will receive an Experiential Excercise that enhances your Life Management skills in three different areas.


"If you don't know, don't say anything." I'm in second grade, and I think my teacher is the wisest person on Earth. She truly knows everything necessary. She has a rugged look when she warns us never to describe a situation unless we surely know what has happened. I hear what she says, but I grasp little of her message.

A minute later, I fell into her trap. The teacher hands out a question to the class about what the fight in the schoolyard was about. Without raising my hand, I blurt out, "I believe it was Conny who started it ...!" I don't manage to finish my sentence. The teacher gives me a warning eye, and I realize I shouldn't have spoken.

To exclude "believe" seemed impossible in my young world of thought. I wondered what I should do with all my "beliefs " that were sometimes even right. On Sunday of the same week, I was incomprehensibly confused. I couldn't get my wise teacher's statement together with the wisdom of my Sunday school teacher, where everything was about believing.

From this moment, I continuously tried to figure out the "believing v.s knowing phenome." As an adult, I found my oasis from my "believe-knowing philosophizing" in law school. I enjoyed identifying situations by referring to existing legal conditions and leaving any believing aspects out of it.

Many years later, I was back to my thinking board when I realized that "believe" not just terminates people's freedom to choose but also wipes out their lives.

This new level of agitation reached me when the tsunami hit Southeast Asia in 2004. At my safe home in Sweden, this catastrophe became a spectacle of the consequences of what people's beliefs could accomplish. I was upset because an hour before the tsunami, a few "experts" knew there had been an earthquake in the Indian Ocean. This information never reached the people living there. The initiated didn't believe it was threatening and didn't want to bother the natives and the tourists about it.

Today I know "believing" is a trap that keeps people away from the freedom to choose and realize their wishes. This blog summarizes my conclusion, which I want to share with you. I want to share it because it will enhance your ability to make choices that move you in the direction of your desire.



Belief always contains uncertainty that needs rules, regulations, and guidelines to maintain feelings, thoughts, and behavior in a particular position.

Believing is based on your programmed belief system that decides what you are capable of doing. Judgments of what is possible to attain or not are manifested from an early age, and you might don't even consider your right to live on your terms. You often make compromises because you learn that you can't reach what you want throughout life. You are so convinced that you are stuck with what you are and have that you don't even dare to believe.

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who said it,
no matter if I have said it unless it agrees with
your own reason and your own common sense."


Most people value others' hypotheses, especially theories from authorities, influencers, and spiritual leaders. 

People have great respect for external knowledge and are convinced that proven methods from experts are the only way to realization and improvement. Also, individuals' primitive reactions to fears make them protect themselves from the unknown. They liberate themselves from the unexplored by denial and develop a system of beliefs that conforms to their proven world order. Their beliefs become a box of rivaling theories that drives them to subordinate themselves to a structure that works against their inner desires.

In my book, Are You Stuck With A Duck,—where I'm using the Ugly Duckling and the Duck Pond as a metaphor to describe weird behavior in our society— I label those experts "Enlightened Ducks" :-) 

"The pond's enlightened ducks create fairy-tale models for how others can achieve happiness, balance, inner peace, abundance, and perfect life. Contradictory doctrines from authorities of different schools of thought confuse the inhabitants of the duck pond. The ordinary ducks trust that the spiritual experts know who they should be, and they do their best to live up to accepted doctrines. The ducks read books, listen to specialists, and take classes to learn useful techniques to live a better life. They join developing belief systems, philosophies, and "isms" to confirm their beliefs." 

Four signs that you are stuck in a belief system contradictory to what you know you are capable of.

⚫️ You compromise your truths and invent different ways to cope with situations instead of doing what you want.

⚫️ You long for the freedom to follow your intuition and to make your own decisions, but the opposition is too strong.

⚫️ You have stopped listening to your inner voice and are putting your happiness into the future.

⚫️ You accept that you can't follow your dreams, and maybe you are not aware of your programmed limitations.  



Today's society strives for conformity, and the strategy to keep the sameness is to neutralize those who are different by converting them to "normal" or labeling them as abnormal. Ignorant of the bigger picture, people think there is something wrong with those who act differently than they do.

This phenomenon exists in every assembly but is more evident when we observe well-defined belief systems like religion, spiritual communities, and political groups. 
The unquestioned strong assumptions in "believing" is misused as a powerful tool that is holding you back from your inner potential.


Man is afraid of those who are different because they are
charismatic and attract others to jeopardize and
discard the established society.


As long as you assume that you have to "believe in yourself" instead of acting on what you know is right, you are at risk of being stuck. You are at risk of never finding out who you are, what your purposes are, and how you are supposed to share your knowledge with others.

In general, "believing" will successfully keep humanity stuck to different unchosen belief systems which do not support the change in the world we want to see. 


We are moving from a state of Believing to a state of Knowing.

Believing is losing its power.
Humanity is moving into a new paradigm where "believing" is losing its control. In this modern setting, science and spirituality are working together to catalyze evolution. We are moving from a state of belief to a state of knowing. This movement involves the individual's inner knowing validates as a source of trustworthy information, and logical structures are used to manifest the unknown into the physical world.

Control is needless
As humanity is evolving, there is no need to have control of others through a system of rules, laws, and stated morals. Philosophy, religion, and "different-isms" will no longer dictate how you live but be an inspiration to keep the transformation process in action.

You are your own coach.
This means you don't have to rely on "believing" anymore. Instead, you will be your own coach who doesn't need confirmation of your abilities and desires. Your focus will be on finding your feelings and acting on what you feel is right.

You don't require approval.
In the state of "Knowing," you neither need nor want others' opinions. You don't require any confirmation because you are confident you are right. Also, you understand that others don't see the world as you do, and you can stop convincing others about your choices. 


To find your truth and realign with your inner knowing, you probably have to let go of old assumptions and concepts that no longer belong to you.

When you reclaim the power of knowing, you think for yourself. You know your mind, and you know how to change it. You will break down assumptions that have kept you preoccupied with who you are at the "self" level.

Living from your inner knowing, you surrender to your new life of desires from your chosen values, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and desires. 

mprove your LifeCompetence Knowing

🧨 If you are looking for a "seven-step to become happy, healthy, and rich," this is NOT for you. This exercise is only for you who have the ambition, the ability, and the appetite for stepping "outside the box." 


For you, this is an effortless, fast, and fun exercise that will give you immediate gratification but also, over time, enhance your Life Management Skills in these three areas:

You will make better, faster, and correct decisions that give you a great sense of freedom and satisfaction.

You will make changes without stress, worries, and insecurity, allowing you to enjoy your advancement's fulfillment.

Your confidence increases, and you gain the capacity to share with others what you have to offer.


I wish you an exciting & magical experience!

P.S Leave a comment because I would love to know your thoughts and experiences.

"Learn from yesterday.
Live for today. 
Hope for tomorrow. 
The most important thing, Never stop questioning."
Albert Einstein.

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