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This replay from Part I of a LifeSpider™ Discovery Workshop is only for you who are eager to find the next dimension of yourself, others and our planet.

LifeSpider System™ is the discovery that enables a personal paradigm shift. A shift that has an immediate impact that improving both humans well-being and the societies possibility to cope with the change.

At this Discovery Workshop you will get a taste of that shift.

In this Discovery Workshop you will be involved in a Live LifeSpider™ demonstrations and encounter several personal "no turning back" experiences. Also you will receive theories and technical explanations why LifeSpider System™ is the next step of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.    

This workshop will bring you to the next level if; 

  • You feel stuck because you know you have more potential and abilities to use. 
  • You know you are meant to do something important for the world but you cannot figure out what it would be. 
  • You are ready to stretch yourself and discover what is next for you. 



1. Answer the preparatory questions.

2. Invite at least two people to join the workshop together with you. The less you know each other the better. You really need them to maximize your (and their) experiences of the exercises.

The recording is just about an hour but it will take you two hours with the exercises. 

3. Download your worksheet.


Some quotes from the people you will meet at the workshop

“A great affirmation that complete strangers can see this in me just from what they see on a video screen. A really eye opener.  Now I can let go of some attached stories I have about myself.“

“It gave perspectives that were very spot on who I am.”

“This was really fun and enjoyable. Confirmed that I from now on just will do things I enjoy. Grateful for this."

“Was quite of a surprise how people could see this in me!  I got confirmed that it’s just about to go with your intuition, go with your heart, don’t overthink. Just go and do it and see what happens.”

“It challenged the assumption that we do not know each other until we spend time with each other in a meaningful way. This was very meaningful.”

“So much fun. I can decide to do this. I have all the utilities I need. It’s working. We can play with words and they tell me lots of things I don’t know.”

“I loved the energy, laughing together and it feels like we know each other. Looking forward to part two.”

Now, go and get your own experiences!

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