It's never been so evident that humanity and society are undergoing profound changes which the current social structure wasn't designed to handle. 

For decades we have — especially professionals in the human being industry — strived to change the world, and now we are beaten by a tiny microbe. A virus that successfully has dropped a bomb over the entire planet. An attack that forces us to rearrange all pieces in their different shapes to fit into our globe. Also, the coronavirus teaches us the equal importance and impact each individual has on the outcome — regardless of demographic data. 

As in the old video game, Tetris, every individual is a unique component in the planetary puzzle. Each human being is a piece with a mission to contribute to changes that make the world flow. 

When enough people have found their place, evolution will present a new platform for the well-being of the planet. For most people, it's hard to imagine and extremely tricky to believe in the grade of life-satisfaction possible.

A significant threat to rebuild, create, and attain a new normal is the power current culture dedicates to the concept of "believing." This doctrine of "If you don't believe it's not possible" will self-sabotage the gift for humanity to reconstruct themselves and the planet. 

Believing is an invisible enemy because it's associated with uncertainty. To keep individuals "believing" — which is a ground pillar in the current paradigm — in a framework of rules that don't adapt to evolution, control is required. Therefore, the change will not show without conflicts, struggles, and pain. 

However, the challenging news is that we are drifting away from believing. A new fundamental human condition is on the verge where people rely on their own knowledge, feelings, and judgment.

This advanced state of mind will emerge when humans have found their uniqueness and discovered the answer to the question; What is the meaning of my life? 

In a society where people know who they are and to where they are heading, there is no need to be in control of others. Rules, laws, morals, philosophy, religion, and different isms will no longer dictate how people live their life. Instead, the framework of regulation will be a facilitator and inspiration to maintain communities and humanity in a life satisfaction flow.  



In these self-isolation times, many people feel lonely and experience that they have lost control of their life. Being locked out from life, everyday habits go missing, and without replacement, people feel lost. The good thing is that the social distance is only a ruthless wake-up call that will empower people to bring back their power.  

When external control disappears, and no one else is designing the daily schedule, it becomes evident that people lost their control way before the pandemic. They just didn't see. They were so used to others' control and thought it was "normal" to adapt their life to rules given by others.

The delusion — of having had control before the outbreak — can recklessly hit hard on people with resistance to the inevitable change we are facing.  However, for those who hit the exit to the freeway of change will become so busy that they forget to feel lonely.

Imagine what will happen when an essential number of people take charge of themselves because the price tag to pleasing others is too high. 

A side effect of the social distance is that more people will stay away from the chaos of fear, greed, and suffering. A new condition of life-satisfaction will arise. Established norms will change into a greater acceptance of individualists who follow their own rules for living. 

Also, reduced control of individuals will remove barriers and provide them with the courage to realize their ideas into action. Finally, people in control of themselves encourage others to venture out from the boxes as well. 

In control of our lives, we don't belong to anyone. No person, organization, society, or country can limit us. We are freedom.

What would change if you knew the meaning of your life?


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