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The Seeker - Survived a War and Found Gold

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A story about a seeker who used intuition and visualization to survive war and find gold.

This story is about a seeker who found what he was looking for. I met the seeker in San Diego during my early morning walks along the Pacific Ocean years ago. David, 63 years old, tells me that listening to his intuition and using visualization was something he had engaged in long before he knew there was a valid word for it. He used the technique to survive the Vietnam war and now used his intuition to find gold.


The Story Of A Seeker Who Used Intuition and Visualization To Survive A War and Find Gold

I walked down to Pacific Beach and placed myself on the sand with my face towards the ocean. I closed my eyes, relaxed, and start breathing in the rhythm of the sound from the waves, which brought me into a deep meditation. 

When I woke up and looked around, a man walked up to me on my left-hand side. He wears a bright red t-shirt, jeans, a blue hat, and goggles. The man says 'Hi' when he is approaching and continues, 'I walked past here a while ago but saw that you were meditating and didn't want to wake you up. I smile back, say hi, and notice the 'widget' he has in his hand. 

A super-speed thought occurred in my mind, and I quickly made a decision. I would not get into my Swedish heritage but will ask what this 'seeker' with his metal detector was looking for. In a very 'none' pedagogical way, I deliver three questions in one, 'What is it you're looking for, what is it you want to find when you are searching, and what is the ultimate treasure to find for you? 

I receive an immediate answer, 'Today I found a gold ring and some quarters,' says the man and puts his hand in his pocket to show me the day's catch. 

Then he tells how he had gotten the inkling and knew he would find a gold ring today. He attended a conference in San Diego, but instead of staying by the pool before the plane went back to Phoenix at 5 pm, he listened to his intuition and went to the beach. 

David, 63 years explains that he had learned to listen to his intuition and use visualization to achieve his dreams, aspirations, and goals. Visualization was something he had engaged in long before he knew there was a valid word for it. 


He explains how he used the technique when he was in the Vietnam war. He had been convinced he would survive. Since he had created a clear picture of what life would be like at home, he knew he would come home. He had visualized images of his parents, their clothes, what was served for dinner, and what they were talking about. There were many of his comrades who never returned home. 

When he finished his story, he took out his I-phone to show me the result when he used the same technique in his searching. He says, 'Before I go out on my Search adventure, I listen to my intuition and visualize what it is I'll find.'

I looked at a photo of a beautiful nugget of gold. David had been in Alaska and 'seen a picture of the big gold nugget before he bought his giant metal detector. He told me, 'I never listened to those who sold the metal detector to me when they told me it would take at least a year before I found the gold. "I knew I would find it the same day. " 

Before he left to continue his search and I made ready to go, he said he never worried. He took his time and shared one of his little tricks, how he let problems and concerns with his work remain in his office. 'Every Friday before I leave the office, I write down on a piece of paper what it is I'll worry about next Monday so I really can enjoy the weekend.' 

I enjoyed David's zest for life and told him that I had recorded the story about a 'seeker' a few days ago and that I didn't know what he was looking for. Then I thanked David because he had given me a valuable story to share. We thanked each other for an inspiring meeting and wished us both a continuing happy life. 

In my mind, I also still hear his self-reflected statement,' I am 63 years old and know that I'll be 100 years. "This means that I still have 37 years left. It is a long time, but still far too short because there is so much I want to see and do."


I'm grateful I found this story when I was googling my computer to find inspiration for an Instagram post on the topic "zest for life." This story was a beautiful reminder of how we find what we are looking for as long as we try to figure out what we are looking for.


 • How will you allow yourself to trust your intuition? 

 • What do you visualize in your life? 

 • What problems would you write down on a note right now? 

 • What do you want to do and experience in the next 37 years? 




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