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  • Has it ever happen that you didn't reach your goal on your set timeline?
  • Do you feel dissatisfied because you failed to accomplish your goals as you planned?
  • Do you find yourself procrastinating and moving tasks on your to-do list to the next day?
  • Do you experience that your goals become boring?

If you recognize yourself in this don't worry, there is a solution. Also, you're not alone. Most people are missing their goals, no matter how smart they are.


How would it be if you never had to procrastinate but feel satisfied with your accomplishments?


In this article, you will get two suggestions what you can do to reach your desired destination without goals and plans.

Why and How you should exchange the goals with intentions and create a Passion Plan.

Why and How you should Use David Allens, Getting Things Done to execute your Passion Plan.



One reason that goals don't work is that they keep you in a constant feeling of "failure". When you have set a goal, you measure your success with how well you reached your goal which means that you only will be rewarded if you accomplish your plans. Also, you always have to set new goals to stay motivated. To toughen it up, this means that goals make you dissatisfied and demotivated instead of making you happy and productive.

Have you ever got the advice that you have to "stick to the plan" if you want to reach your goals?

The importance of "sticking to the plan" is another assumption that needs to change if you want to fulfill your desires. This assumption needs to change because a goal-oriented plan alone will never — without resistance, struggle, and worries — work. Why? Because you can never predict the involvement from the ongoing changes within yourself and in the surroundings. It's like you think it's enough to set the compass, go to sleep and being disappointed waking up on your boat somewhere else than your planned destination.

So, if everything you learned about goals doesn't work here is what you can start practicing now. My suggestion is that you pick one of the ongoing projects you're working on and try those two things for at least 48 hours and see what's happening.



Every destination starts with a strong desire and every person on this planet is born with desires. No one else can tell you what those desires are or why they are unique to you. A strong desire is what you emotional recognize as Passion that exists within you. A passionate experience is a feeling of synchronicity. Passion is to coexist with everything no matter who you are or what you are doing. Be totally absorbed in not thinking at all, only be there, be present in the creation.


The power of passion lies in the interaction of intention and action. 

When you live your passion, you have a strong connection to your own deepest desires. If you seriously look at your real motives, actions, feelings, dreams, and intentions, you can find your strength, be in charge, master your passion, and use it for creation.

When you approach what you want with the right feeling, you will be met with synchronicity, and everything is going in the right way.



An intention is an unconditional decision about a direction that lasts just as long as the passion is there. This means that passion is always in motion and the object for the passion is always changing.

When taking action on an intention, it will release itself, and you will feel the passion. If you only have great ambition but don’t take action, you become frustrated.

When you let everything flow out into an expression of passion, your businesses, projects, and activities will become and remain successful.

The place you don't want to be in for too long is in the "intimidation". That's where people get burned out and depressed because they are trying to fulfill a goal that's not connected to their intentions.



What is a Passion Plan

To work from Passion Plan has one huge difference from a regular Action Plan. With Passion Plan you always let your intention be in charge of your actions.

By having a clear intention, you don’t need to worry about how to create goals that motivate you into action. With a Passion Plan, you will find that you are always highly effective without even knowing what you are accomplishing.

The important thing is to trust that your intention will always bring you to the right action, which can be difficult in a society with plans, goals, and to-do lists.

When you feel synchronicity and the vibration of excitement within you, you are on the right path.


To work from a Passion Plan is also about hard work.

A Passion Plan is associated with “hard work” because you continuously need to be aware of your intentions. Also, be prepared that an intention can change rapidly into a new one. If you remain focused on your old intention, you are working against the energy flow, which can be even more uncomfortable than working from a traditional action plan.

  • With a Passion Plan, you must always be a great observer and reflect on your intentions. Depending on what speed you are working, this could be a daily occurrence or even hourly. (Observation and Reflection are the two first and most important  step — that most people ignore — to successfully change anything.)

  • You have to know your feelings well and how to recognize the signals when something is coming to a changing point. (Knowing your feelings is about advanced Self-Leadership) 

  • Then you must be prepared to ask questions and have the patience to wait for the answer, rather than try to figure it out with your logical mind.


Working successfully with a Passion Plan requires practice.

It is easier to work from a Passion Plan when you have enabled your LifeSpider because you're not a seeker anymore. You have mapped out all your intentions and know what your passions are. You have several projects defined in your Passion Plan that all are going in the direction toward your Life Projects. Nevertheless, as in everything working with a Passion Plan requires practice, allowing mistakes to happen and assimilate what you learned. Then practice again.

To begin working with a Passion Plan, you will need to stop the wheel that is currently moving, and start with a new way of working. A new way of working that will supply you with joy, productivity, and unexpectedly synchronicity that makes you stop believing that procrastination still exist.:-)

My number one tips for you to stop this wheel is to apply David Allen's methodology GTG (Getting Things Done). GTD is the only "Project Management Methodology" I have found that keeps you organized, productive and satisfied while working with a Passion Plan. GTD not just free you from traditional goals and plans but also free space in your brain.

Personally, my favorite expression from David Allen is that "you should only have to think a thought once". Since I applied GTD into my Passion Plan, I have 0 tolerance for repetitive thoughts:-). I rather use my thought-capacity to create new projects and get more things done. 

If you want to get started with GTD, here is the video that inspired me to integrate GTD into my LifeSpider Life.

I am excited to hear from you and how your 48 hours Passion Plan Experiment goes. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comment! 





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