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Why Are People Feeling Stuck In Life? — 3-step strategy to get unstuck

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Most people want to find their place in the world. Basically, humans are striving for life satisfaction. They want to feel joy in their doings. They want to encounter the freedom to be themselves and to choose how to live their life.

The majority of people long for a peaceful life, yet they continue to divide their lives into different compartments—career, family, friends, health, economy, personal and spiritual development. This competition for their time, money, and energy leads to dissatisfaction, frustration, and they feel stuck. 

The "being stuck" is a huge problem since it's more stimulating to stay in what is then changing. Even with the risk of burnout, people choose to be stuck in the rat-race. They thrive on feeling good, and for safety's sake, add a little physical training and some spiritual advancement since they know the body and soul are connected. 

People know physical, mental, and spiritual health is vital for realizing their dreams. They have learned that exercise, yoga, and increased consciousness raises the energy that helps them think clearer and solve problems more effectively. 

People are doing their best to enjoy themselves, live in balance, live right, get involved in their work, and become good at what they do.

In their effort to improve, they think they have added good habits, but they have also included other stressful moments: Where should the time come from? From work, the beloved, the children, the free time, the gang, the yoga, the career, the travels, the online classes, the further education, the reading, the meditation, or the pub? 

People realize that they must prioritize. They need the support of someone who knows it, a professional, a personal coach. At least the job demands its share. 

By the way, that thing with training: the pounds don't disappear at the desired rate, the six-pack develops, but isn't visible. It's not enough to burn energy; you must also keep track of the intake. Who knows anything about diet, other than the Weight Watchers, that you don't want to track with? And, what happened to the good intention of daily meditation?

So. The laudable ambition of personal improvement has grown into projects that increasingly consume time and money in an already crowded calendar and tight budget.

Many feel stuck in these endless, self-sabotaging attempts to be rewarded and satisfied. Awful lots of people are running around making lots of noise but ultimately achieving nothing meaningful. This is a race that leads you nowhere but is full of pointless struggles and exhaustion. 


So, why do people choose to struggle instead of choosing a meaningful life? 

The short but real answer is that they don't know who they are. People's lack of in-depth knowledge of themselves has forced them to design an identity. An identity that's in alignment with societies stipulated norms about an average, good and successful person.

In most cases, people have constructed ideas about what is right and wrong. They also have learned that they need to abstain instead of choosing to get everything they wish for throughout life.

All this struggle keeps people stuck in a rat-race. In their effort to find their way out, they start looking to quit the job, change partners, longing for the kids to grow up, and blaming the lack of time to do what they want. People are convinced that the way out is in the outer world. 

The truth is that they will never find it there. They are looking at the wrong place.

The "path to happiness" begins with being aware of what values, norms, and morals that are controlling them and then discover who they really are, 

Therefore, a new approach to life is needed for a healthy way to get where you want to go.

Our world and humanity are in a transition into a new way of understanding what life is about. This will be an evolution of transformation where people leave the rat-race, get unstuck, and replace their old belief system with a new way of living.

Have you ever wondered why your decisions to develop, get unstuck, or reach a goal haven't worked out, even though you really wanted them to? 

Are you ready to ditch the "stuck situation" and begin to thrive for a passionate, meaningful life?





  1. Make a conscious decision to accept you can influence your situation.
  2. Establish an attitude that you want to develop and learn new things.
  3. Stop focusing on problems outside your control.
  4. Take control over your thoughts and choose how you want to be.
  5. Practice handling difficulties and negative feelings.



Create an emotional approval of your decision. Your conscious decision is just a preparation for your development. It doesn't matter how many times you say ― "I want to succeed, I want to develop," if your subconscious's feelings wish something different.

You gain access to your subconscious will by making conscious decisions.

Ask yourself the following five questions:


  1. What does development mean to you? 
  2. Do you really want to develop? 
  3. How do you react to change?
  4. How do you know you would like to learn new things?
  5. How does it feel to develop?


Ask yourself the questions above and live with them for a while without looking for an answer. All you need to do is repeat the questions, and the answers will come to you effortlessly. 

There is no right or wrong answer; all the answers and thoughts that come to you are perfect! Don't ruin them by forcing yourself to find the answer you want to hear or think you should get. That only blocks what you really need to know. 

When answers and thoughts pop up, write them down so you don't have to remember them. Use this technique for all questions that show up in your life.

More Freedom To You!


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