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To Me, Freedom is to Express Passion in Everything, Even Writing a Newsletter.

For as long as I can remember, I have longed for the ultimate freedom. In January 2007, I closed the door to my apartment in Sweden, dropped the keys in the mailbox, and went out the door with two suitcases and a plane ticket. I had minimized my physical possessions. The few things left had all passed the test: "Do I want to unpack these things again?"

I and the "things" never met again. I didn't return, and the "things" disappeared to an unknown destination.

What drove me to get rid of my material possessions back then was that I wanted to be totally free. I had learned that logical arguments were insufficient to keep me in a place when my task or time was done.

I wanted to create space to follow my intuition without having to compromise and make excuses for why I couldn't. I wanted to allow myself to go where my energy wanted me to.

I was curious about what life had to offer if nothing of superficial character got in the way.


Life is entirely insane to deliver

Today, I know life is addictive and entirely insane to deliver what you ask for when the path is free of obstacles. Life is also excellent at customer service and loves to overdeliver.


Life is crazy about providing you with what you didn't know you wanted or needed. This became evident when I recently found and read the first newsletter — "Live Your Passion For Life," — I wrote thirteen years ago.

Now, I'm back with the same intention. I'm back into the "Live Your Passion For Life LifeSpider Leg." (You who have your LifeSpider know what I'm talking about, and you who don't will learn.)

It's a joyful pleasure to put yourself back in time. At least I get a big smile when I know what's going to happen.

I'm inviting you to visit my history by reading this passage from my newsletter 2007.


The Midsummer celebration with my mother in Vetlanda is over, and dance band music, crosswords, and cube are exchanged for adventure in California. I'm listening to "I'm free" with The Who from Tommy's Rock opera. My favorite song as a teenager living in a room covered in posters with the message "everything is possible."

"Free" is a mantra that follows me through life and has been there since I learned to walk. As a kid, I woke up every morning looking forward to a new adventure. I remember how I always sneaked off on exploration in the village where I grew up. I let the inspiration for the day take me for short visits to all the neighbors.

Sometimes I spent the day with my grandmother and her refrigerator cold meatballs, or I disappeared into the woods to sit under my favorite tree to philosophize. I knew that I wasn't allowed to run away and that punishment was coming for disobeying. However, the driving force of experiences was more substantial than the fear of reprisals.

It is the same driving force that now makes me leave Coach Education Sweden for new adventures, new meetings, and new places to philosophize at. A few weeks ago, I was reminded that we, as children, create dreams that we forget. In "My classmates," I read one such book where the classmates wrote about who they were and what they liked. At the back of the book, there was room for the owner to write. Under the heading, "What I want to become when I grow up," I found my answers; "Teacher" and "Author."

I felt overwhelmed by the fact that the soul always knows where it is going. When we listen to our soul's desire and begin to live in partnership with the Universe, we are often challenged on unpredictable missions.

In January — when I resigned from the apartment, compacted my assets into a few boxes — and went to Australia, I knew it was a preparation for something new, but unaware of what. Although my driving force for freedom accelerated, I was surprised that I wanted to leave Coaching Education Sweden. I was astounded about how I could let go of my great passion for running organizations and building businesses.

I'm still surprised but floating around in a newly discovered dimension of freedom. The dreams I had as a child are fulfilled, and I'm continuing to develop to become more than I think is possible. Now it's the Universe, the Computer, and I. I am Free !!!  


Today it is the Universe, the computer, I in the California wilderness, three horses, a couple of books, two goats, a Self-Leadership Coaching Program, a pig, a LifeSpider System&trade, two cats, three ducks, a LifeSpider Academy™ with LifeSpider Coaches, and a flock of chickens. I am Free!

I'm curious to continue going back to history for several reasons, but primarily because it's satisfying to walk around with a smile on my face:-)

I'm looking forward to connecting with you, and I'll meet you at the next LifeSpider News! 



What makes you smile when you visit your history?


I will be delighted if you want to share your answer with me! (I'm only an e-mail away).

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